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The Stickman Trial

More evidence today in the case of Noah Strickland--
The man who deprived his child of TV for the first
Ten years of the child's life. The most damaging
Testimony in the case came from Strickland's
Son himself in the form of the art class video
That first made Daniel Strickland's teachers suspicious.
The video-- drawing on poor production values
In lighting, editing and picture quality-- is an animated
Short portraying a day in the life of a stickman...
Ironically illustrating Daniel's inability
To create striking, comprehensible visual imagery.
The prosecuting attorney, Gable Presley, presented expert
Testimony from two video teachers who swore under oath
That the various scenes in which the stickman
Is pushed aside or trampled into little dashes on a sidewalk
And a partly edited scene showing the stickman's
Hands and feet bleeding as he passes through a graveyard
Of tombstones that resemble TV antennae (the only instance
Of color in the entire video) show the violent tendencies
Particularly associated with children who have undergone
Severe visual deprivation. The final scene--
With the stickman sitting Buddha-like, antennae on his head,
In front of a TV on a three-legged table--
Was, one psychologist said, evidence of a deep-seated
Longing for belonging or, technically, a Be-longing.
This final scene, shown here, gradually lightens
To the point where the lines of the stickman can finally
Not be seen at all-- a telling example of a poor
Video education, experts agree.
The Stickman trial resumes tomorrow.