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The Trumpanation

A poetry collection-in-progress about the 45th President of the United States. Launched on January 20th, 2017 - Inauguration Day. Completion date: whenever I wake up from the nightmare. Step through the looking glass here.

Rumble Strip

The magazine launched on January 30, 2015. It is a collaborative vanity project - a forum in which I can publish my own work and also include work from contributors. So it is a blogazine or a magalog. (I’ll hold a contest to decide which.) For readers looking for a respite from realism and the avant-garde, this is the place to go.


Open Book Toronto Interview

Poems currently online:
The Pedestal: Kafka’s Notebooks
Star*Line: The Last Etymologist
Star*Line: My Unexpected Demons
Branch Magazine: Building the Super Question
Gutter Eloquence: The Passenger
Defenestration: A Pharmacist In Love
The Stickman Review: The Irritant
Prune Juice: From Shot Glasses
The Potomac: Evolution Paints Everything With the Same Blush

Offline Publications:
One Poem in
Midwest Quarterly Review (Summer 2014, Vol. LV, No.4)
One Poem in
The Fiddlehead (No. 261, Autumn 2014)
One Poem in
Southern Poetry Review (Vol.52, No.1, 2014)
One Poem in
Imaginarium 2013 (anthology)
One Poem in
On Spec (Summer 2013; Vol.25, No.2)
Three Poems in
Gargoyle (#59)
One Poem in
Midnight Screaming
Two Poems in
The Antigonish Review (#172)
One Poem in
Poet Lore (Vol.107, No.3/4)
One Poem in
Poetry Quebec