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An Anarchist Dream

An Anarchist Dream is a guidebook for the damned. These poems stretch the prophetic tradition to include such targets as light pollution, multiculturalism, fashion, capitalism, postmodernism, Canada, prisons, vivisectionism, commercials, Klingons, barbers, cafe patrons, the author of this book, employers, health addicts, neat freaks, tourists, as well as prophets and doomsayers themselves. Darkly whimisical, this is not the work of a morning person.

Standoff Terrain

Standoff Terrain takes its inspiration from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. It is a book of love poems for losers, and since almost everybody has lost at love… well, this book is probably for you.

Each poem is a sidelong commentary on passages from The Art of War that either supports or undermines the “love is war” analogy. The collection reflects on the relationship between love and war with both humorous and disturbing results. Studded with examples of war and war imagery from history – including the terracotta army of Xian, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and the Vietnam War – the poems are a collision of past and present, revealing just how little we have learned over the centuries. From the erotic to the economic and from the political to the religious, the collection covers the range of reasons why people seek love, exposing the surprisingly piecemeal nature of romantic relationships.

In the end, these poems are about how power – and lack of power – affect who and why we love.