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An Anarchist Dream

cover art by Tara Pinnell
Copies still available. To order, contact the author.

Some poems from the book:
Stages of Repair
Hero Presently Between Sunsets
Martin Luther and the Doughnut Shop
The Last Leg
Bosch's Beasts
The Stickman Trial
Stations of the Apocalypse
Asleep At the Wheel

Reviewer comments on the book:

"ironic, troubling and prophetic social vision... a highly visual poet, and his images build in fluid and startling counterpoint... challenging our perceptions and the circumscribed roles we play... richly imagined visions of anarchy" - Zygote Magazine

"[these are] pieces infused with history, grace and comedy... Each poem has an independent voice... each singing an important song - some elegantly, others crudely, all a charming bit off-key... Few poetry books have the power to scare and delight, but An Anarchist Dream fills that bill... [with its] bull's-eye observations... An Anarchist Dream is best read in one frenzied sitting." - See Magazine

"An Anarchist Dream is brilliant." - Vue Magazine